Transitional and Vocational Program


Flourish recognizes the need for support as you navigate a new diagnosis or transition from the educational system.  FLOURISH TRANSITIONS is here to support individuals with disabilities and their families during major life transitions by providing information, resources, and guidance. Let our experienced therapists help you and your family throughout your child’s lifetime; starting from the time your child is first identified with a disability to when they become a young adult and are getting ready for the workforce. Flourish Transitions will be there for you and your family every step of the way.



Vocational Skills Assessment

– Single session, 60 min.

1:1 individual vocational skills assessment that provides an in-depth portrait of an individual’s problem solving, time management, money, social, and compensatory skills needed to succeed in the workplace. This is the first step in obtaining 1:1 vocational habilitation therapy. (*not a formal speech and/or language evaluation)


On-Site Consultations

– Single session, 60 minutes

On-site consultative services to help streamline and troubleshoot potential workplace related difficulties in the areas of social communication, accessibility, and problem solving skills. During this 60 minute consultation, a Speech-Language Pathologist will observe an individual in their work environment, and provide a written summary of observations and recommendations to help increase success in the workplace.


1:1 Vocational Habilitation Therapy

– 1 to 2, 30-60 minute sessions weekly as needed

Individual 30-60 minute sessions aimed at supplementing and further developing foundational speech, language, and social skills required for the workplace. The Vocational Skills Assessment is a prerequisite for this intervention.


Group Services

– One 60 min session weekly for 6-weeks

Flourish Transitions: Work It Out focuses on developing vocational skills needed to help succeed in the workplace! During this 6-week group, young adults will have the chance to develop and practice money skills, problem solving, theory-of-mind, task organization/management, workplace social skills, and other executive functioning tasks required for the job. *Please refer to our current group services flyer for dates and times.


“Next Steps” Consultation

– Single session, 60 min.

1:1 consultative services to help parents through the “next steps” after receiving a diagnosis of developmental and/or cognitive disorders. Our consultative services aim to help parents navigate through the surge/or lack of information provided to those newly receiving a diagnosis in order to gain a better understanding of the diagnosis and evaluation reports, and to provide access to appropriate referrals, community outreach programs, and support groups.


Family Groups

– One 60 minute session weekly for 6-weeks

Flourish Transitions: Grow With Me is a new caregiver and child group! Parents and little ones will participate in this 6-week joint involvement group that will focus on development of feeding, speech, language, play and motor. Families will leave this group with a toolkit to further strengthen parent-child interactions in order to set up for developmental success!


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When asked: Are you satisfied with the topics covered in the Transitions Group?

“I think the topics covered were a great starting part for preparing to be in the workplace.”

“Yes”, The topics covered “good things to think about/future goals,” and “transitioning to new life stages.”  

When asked what parents thought the strengths of the Transitions Group were:

“Exposure to what is entailed when it comes to working and doing so as a group.”

“The group was “geared toward teens and their needs.”  

When asked how their child benefitted from the Transitions Group, parents responded?

“Peer relations, a safe space to interact, ask questions.”

“I think this group was a great way to connect to his peers.”

“Gave him an opportunity to obtain skills in a more social setting with his peers..”  


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