“Flourish is positive, collaborative, helpful… wonderful!  I have had ALL positive experiences.” ~T.B., parent
I am glad we have found Flourish. We are enjoying our experience! Love that a variety of our son’s needs can be met through one Center!”  ~K.O., parent
“Beyond Expectations.” ~K.S., parent
“Thank you so much for helping me and you are the best. Love you, Best Friends For Life”  ~J.W., client, 10 years old
“Flourish’s biggest strength is their ability to focus on the individual needs of the child and to adapt each session to  those needs without repetition.” ~C.W., parent
“You are truly doing something special here.”  ~T.B., parent
“I appreciate your daily commitment and advice on how to better assist J at home.” ~H.R., parent
“I learned so much from you and always felt like I was gaining better understanding of my child through your sessions with her/us. I loved going to therapy.” ~L.W., parent
Of our therapist: “Our relationship is awesome! I feel like she is part of our extended family.” ~M.M., parent
“I am very proud of G and also very grateful to God for gifting us you… you have passion for the work you do and compassion for G. A winning formula in my opinion.” ~ K.G., parent
“C works hard to please those he has bonded with, and this is the case here.”  ~K.C., parent
“I am truly amazed at the progress!” ~L.W., parent
“My daughter greatly enjoyed each session and vastly improved in the six months she attended speech therapy sessions.”  ~C.W., parent
“You’re the best!  We are very lucky to have you!” ~C.M., parent
“ We are so grateful for the progress A’s made over the past year and I can’t thank you enough for all the love you’ve shown.”  ~D.W., parent

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