What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is carried out by Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants to promote greater independence for people across the lifespan using both habilitation and rehabilitation techniques. Occupational Therapy develops, improves, sustains or restores the skills needed for activities of daily living.  The goal of Occupational Therapy is simply to prepare individuals for the job of living and to enable one to function in their chosen environment using their chosen interests and skills.

Occupational Therapy services may include comprehensive evaluations of the client’s home and other environments (e.g., workplace, school), recommendations for adaptive equipment and training in its use, and guidance and education for family members and caregivers. Occupational Therapy practitioners have a holistic perspective, in which the focus is on adapting the environment to fit the person, and the person is an integral part of the therapy team.  AOTA, 2012

At Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC you will work with your therapist to understand your or your child’s functional needs and how they apply to your life. Occupational Therapy services will be individualized based on diagnosis, functional application, and need for intensive or home-program based therapy techniques.

To read more about Occupational Therapy, visit our National Organization, The American Occupational Therapy Association. 




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