Lauren Brock

Occupational Therapist

I received my master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from UNC Chapel Hill, and feel so fortunate to be working in a profession that I truly love! The majority of my professional experience is in outpatient pediatrics, working with children and youth birth through 21 years old with a wide range of diagnoses.  I also have experience working in inpatient pediatrics, with older adults, and with adults with developmental disabilities in home and community-based settings. I enjoy opportunities to work with Spanish-speaking children and families, both in the US and internationally, and for several years have partnered with a non-profit in rural Honduras that supports the development of services for individuals with disabilities.

As a child, attending therapy sessions with my younger sister (who has Down syndrome and cerebral palsy) sparked a strong interest in becoming an OT. Many years later, I love having the opportunity to partner with children, their families, and other professionals to provide the best possible services for each particular child and family based on the values, priorities, and needs of the child/family at a given stage and time in their lives.  My goal as a therapist is to provide individualized care that is evidence-based as well as meaningful and motivating, supporting children and their families in optimal participation in life’s multitude of ‘occupations’!


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