“The size of the class was kept small, allowing for the teachers to [give] more individualized attention.” – CSC Junior Parent

“I loved the balance of music and play! [My child] really enjoyed the class, and it gave her the opportunity to socialize with peers and build her vocabulary.” -Little Boppers Parent

“We have been trying for a few years to find a group that would fit [my daughter’s] needs and we were happy to find The Flourish Center. Although we have to drive across town to get here it is well worth the effort. We plan to enroll in future programs.” -CSC Parent

[The strengths of the class were] “The flexibility of the teachers to not skip a beat if someone was having a bad day.” – CSC Junior Parent

“After class I could see [my child] opening up with talking and being able to communicate with others.” – CSC Junior Parent

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