What a strange and challenging time it has been.  I can say that our team has been astoundingly amazing during this time, flipping in 24 hours to tele-visits.  We truly want to be the best we can be in all of this.  HIPAA compliant tele-therapy will remain an option with us (with certain parameters; appropriateness and payer support), and in-person visits will resume June 1.  As you are aware, some changes will need to be made, and we will need to observe the following to keep both you and us safe for the time being.  We thank you in advance for your compliance with the following:

Please keep your child home if…

– They have a fever/ temperature over 99 degrees fahrenheit.  In this event, please keep your child home until they are fever-free for at least 24 hours without medication.

– The child or anyone in the home is vomiting or has diarrhea

– They have a cough/cold-like symptoms or they are complaining of headache or stomach ache

– Someone in your household is not well or exhibits any of the above symptoms.


Precautions we will be utilizing…

– Professional Cleaning/ Sanitization of our space prior to opening

– Taking Employees temperatures before their shift

– Sanitizing High Touch Surfaces on a schedule throughout the day

– Masks- both clear and opaque for our staff

– No siblings will be permitted during this time; only one adult will be permitted in our building per one minor if needed- older/compliant children and parents will need to use a mask to enter our building (and we can provide you with this mask, if needed).

– No outside toys or personal items should be brought in from home or your cars

– Waiting rooms will remain closed- families will remain in your car and we will work out with you the best way to let you know your session can begin/ get your child in the building, we appreciate your patience as we navigate this.

– Touchless sanitizing stations and soap dispensers, gloves (vinyl) will be used when indicated

– Clear sneeze guards on our desks to create a non-obvious germ barrier, during sessions and at check-in and check out

– 15 minutes in between clients/schedule will be built in order to sanitize our space, wash hands, etc. in order to prepare for the next client.

– Closing lids when flushing toilets, so as not to stir up germs in our restrooms

– In order to minimize the amount of people coming in and out of the building, we will be requiring payment authorization forms to bill outstanding balances without having to interact

We appreciate your flexibility and I can assure you that your health and safety will be held to high standards in our space.  I know this is hard, truly, I know it is. We will go back to a more familiar Flourish just as soon as we can!  Thank you for navigating this with us!

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