Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC  is owned and operated by Jacqueline Culley, MA, CCC/SLP. She acquired the business in 2021 from the founder of the company Kimberly R. Martin, M.A., CCC/SLP. Kim created Flourish when she realized that interventions work best when applied to the entire individual as a whole, not just by addressing one discipline or technique or focusing on one area. Jacqueline learned much of what she knows from Kim since her employment began at Flourish in 2013.

At Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC, families have the ability to make desired improvements to their quality of life while working with a true team of integrated professionals who strive to work together towards one common purpose… to empower families to achieve and flourish.

We boast hand-picked and highly trained therapists who share a passion for our field, life, and the team approach to intervention.  Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC currently offers Speech-Language Pathology (Speech Therapy) and Occupational Therapy Services, Feeding/Swallowing Therapy, well as Social Language and Group Programming.

Flourish Integrated Therapy is located in The Flourish Center, a comprehensive Center, offering various types of services for children of ALL ABILITIES.  As we grow, we will continue to add integrated professionals and disciplines to our team and to the Center, so please keep checking back or ‘like’ us on Facebook to get our latest updates.  

Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC also offers our unparalleled services to outside contracts within Central Ohio. Outside contracts include, but are not limited to, public schools districts, private schools, charter schools, and extended care facilities. If you, your school, extended care facility or an agency you work with is currently in need of Speech Language Pathology (Speech Therapy) Services or Occupational Therapy Services, please let us know how we can assist you. We are available for both long term and short term assignments.

Thank you for your interest in Flourish Integrated Therapy, LLC. We trust you will find a fulfilling and nurturing experience here. Please let us know what your needs are, we can help. Email us at info@flourishohio.com or Call 614.545.8300.










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