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Our Frequently Asked Questions:

How Far Are You From…?

– Delaware/ Powell/ Westerville/ Galena: 15 minutes

– Worthington/ Lewis Center: 5 minutes

– We are in Columbus, but north of the Outerbelt, easily accessed via I-315, I-270, and Rt. 23

Do Your Social Groups Follow A Certain Curriculum?

No. Although it may involve bits and pieces of a program we find worthwhile, each group is tailored to the children that enroll in that particular group and the top 3 needs for each child in the group. Even if you have completed the group in a season, keep coming back! Lessons are not pre-packaged and each session AND each season will be different.

What Funding Sources Do You Accept?

– Most major Insurance Companies, including OSU (accepted for individual sessions, not groups)

– Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarships

– Delaware County Funds and a small number of Franklin County Funds

– Self Pay, including package savings

What Are Your Hours?

Monday- Thursday 8:30 am- 7:00 pm. Our Center is technically closed on Fridays. If you are looking for a home visit or are a contract site looking for Friday availability, we do have therapists working outside of these hours, please inquire.

Who Do You Work With and Does Your Staff Have Any Specialties?

We are here to support anyone who needs it. We work with all age ranges, although we are a pediatric-minded practice. Our staff is hand-picked, highly trained and does have a variety of specialties including hearing loss, AAC, oral placement therapy, feeding and sensory disorders. We work with you when scheduling to select the best match of therapist for you.

What Services Do You Offer?

– Speech and Language Therapy- articulation, language, social

– Occupational Therapy- fine motor, sensory, handwriting

– Feeding Therapy and Multi-Disciplinary Feeding Team Evaluations

– Group Services of all types

– Transition Programs to assist those transitioning from school or in the workforce

– Literacy Support of various types

– The Collaboration at The Flourish Center completes our integrative approach by also offering: Healthy Eating Consulting, Pill Swallowing Instruction, Art Therapy, Counseling Services, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Academic Support and Educational Support. See for details.

Will My Insurance Cover Therapy?

We bill most major insurance companies as a courtesy for our clients. If you plan to use your insurance for therapies, please call your insurance company ahead of time to discuss benefits. All plans respond to claims differently.

How Long Will My Child Need Therapy?

We get asked this one a lot! This question is best discussed with your child’s Occupational Therapist or Speech-Language Pathologist. They are the experts on your child’s needs and prognosis, and you will work alongside them on the treatment plan.

I Have Another Child. Can I Bring Him/Her To The Session? OR Can I Attend The Session?

We have two wonderful waiting rooms full of toys for your other children to play with. We offer WIFI for you to browse the internet while your child receives services, and you are always welcome in treatment sessions. The last 5 minutes of your session are reserved for you and the therapist to discuss treatment, progress, and home programing.

How Do I Access Your Services?

Call (614.545.8300) or Email ( us! We are here to have a chat and decide the best starting place to maximize your time, progress and funding. There is also a questionnaire you can complete to get things started with no obligation at:



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