2014 Developmental Toy List

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Here are a few of our favorite things…

Check out our comprehensive list of toys that promote fun AND development.  Make those toys count!


Toys that Promote Speech/Language Skills:

Does the toy promote imaginative play and interaction?  Think: Dress up clothing and costumes, kitchen sets, dollhouses, puppets, train and race car tracks, action figures

Does the toy promote imitation and talking?  Think: Alphabet/sound games, microphones, see and say, interactive books

Does the toy promote active thinking or problem-solving?  Think: Cause and effect toys, shape sorters, games that involve sequencing and clues, cooking kits

Ideas for Various Age Groups:


– Musical Instruments, shaking eggs, maracas, musical sticks, etc.

– Animal Puzzles and Books

– Animal Sound Toys or Puppets

– Shopping Cart with Plastic Foods

– Pop up Toys- also great for Tummy Time!


– Farm Sets (feed animals, make them walk, play, eat, drink, sleep, etc.)

– Baby Doll Sets: include potty, feeding items, diapers, bath, clothing (great for vocabulary, labeling, actions, directives)

– Kitchen Set: pizza sets, cash registers

– Mr. Potato Head- always a classic!

– Little People Bus

– Headbanz Game

– Scategories Game

– Guess Who? Game


– See Link for Loads of Ideas:


– Find Books with simple backgrounds and pictures

– Lift the Flap Books (Where’s Spot?, Dear Zoo, Guess Who Sounds?, Who’s Making That Noise?)

– Anything Hot Dots!  We love these interactive books and activities- and so do the kids!

– ‘Press Here’ or ‘Mix It Up’ Books- Amazing language concept and following directions books…. you go, Herve Tullet!


baby doll Farm Set Potatoe Bus Press-Here HotDots

Toys that Promote Sensory Development:

Does the toy do more than one thing?  Think: lights, sounds, contrasting colors, textures and sizes

Does the toy involve movement?  Think: slides, swings, things that go!

Ideas for Various Age Groups:

– Scented objects: markers, play dough, stickers, bath soaps. etc.

– Water or Sensory Table

– Ned’s Head Game

– Sit and Spin

– Indoor or Out door Slide

– Noise Canceling Head Phones

– Hippity Hop Ball

– Bean bag or Foam chair for cuddling and/or crashing

– Kinetic Sand

– Instant Snow

– Wooden Puzzle Fidget

– Lava Lamp

fidget lava snow sand hippity hop neds head


Toys that Promote Fine Motor Development:

Does the toy rely on the use of fingers or small hand movements/ manipulation? Think: marbles, lacing boards, puzzles, spinning, drawing, buttons/knobs/latches, crafts, jewelry kits

Ideas for Various Age Groups:

– Play Dough

– Shape Sorters

– Beads for stringing

– Bristle Blocks- our waiting room favorite!

– Bean bag games

– Velcro Ball and Mitt Catch game

– Maze Books

– Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs

– Angry Birds Sets

– Kerplunk Game

– Perfection Game

lincoln logs maze bristle beads play dough


Toys that Promote Large/Gross Motor Development:

Does it promote large body movements?  Think:  jumping, running, skipping, climbing

Ideas for Various Age Groups:

– Bean bag or Foam chair for cuddling and/or crashing

– Scooter- Check out the Radio Flyer Spin n’ Saucer

– Tunnels

– Bicycle

– Pogo Stick

– SWINGS!!!- indoor or outdoor

– Plasma Car

– Moon Shoes

– Touch and Crawl Tiger

plasma car pogo moon shoes saucer bean bag



… Happy Giving & Playing!


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