What’s all the Hype About Social Skills?

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Just Why are Social Skills so Important?

Essentially everything we do is social in nature.  In a time of electronic communication, our growing children have less and less opportunity to develop their social skills in a functional environment.  Social skills are key to our overall SURVIVABILITY.  They will determine the meaningfulness and types of relationships we have, the interests we hold, the types of jobs we get and our likelihood to excel in it, and even the general level of capability and safety we develop.  Communication is how we take part in the world, and it uses all of our senses; it can make a sound, be a visual cue, involve touch and personal space, we may even taste or smell it!

Here are a few great resources that lay out the facts of social development and why they should not and cannot be ignored:






What are Some Ideas for Developing Social Skills?

– Join a Social Group! – Check out a Local Speech Language Pathologist or Clinic that may offer groups on a regular basis, your local school could also be a good resource.

– Take up a Group Sport – Tae Kwon Do, Soccer, Fencing, etc.

– Establish an After School Social Group

– Volunteer

– Join any Team or Group Organization of Interest – Book Club, Art Class, Comedy Group, etc.

– Invite and Include Children of All Abilities at Birthday Parties and your Weekend Plans

– Go to the Park

– Go to the Library

– Plant a Community Garden

– Form a Team for a Local Charity Walk

– Make a Habit of Observing Socially Skilled People

– Look for Valuable Teaching Opportunities in TV Shows, Movies, You Tube Videos

– Play Games that Require More Than One Player – Yes, this can be Video Games!

– Create Grouping Naturally through Seating Arrangements at Home and in the Classroom

– Take Up a Pen Pal

Learn More about Our Social Groups

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