How to Choose a Therapy Provider

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How to Choose a Therapy Provider

and the “One-Stop Therapy Shop”

Why does it benefit you to get all of your needed therapies in one place?  Whether it is Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reading Intervention, and/or Group Therapies, Clinics/hospitals/offices that offer one than one type of therapy under one roof are known as a “one-stop shop.”  In my professional opinion, it is an ideal therapy situation.  Not only will you save time traveling from place to place or getting your child used to multiple environments, but your professional team will also have an enhanced opportunity to collaborate with each other for a better continuum of care.  Team members will be familiar with each other’s intervention strategies and approaches, have access to records, and will be able to work together on certain goals to maximize therapy outcomes.   This “one-stop shop” mentality, if done correctly, should offer you peace of mind that you or your child is being taken care of in all aspects of the words.

Of course, a good fit with your individual therapists is essential and should be the primary focus.  You do have a choice in who you see for your therapies.  If you or your child aren’t quite “clicking” with who you are currently seeing; try, try again.  Don’t feel obligated to continue with a therapist, or even bad about asking for a switch. After all, this YOUR OUTCOME we are talking about and, while one may not be better than another per se, not all therapists are created equal. There is a small window for therapy to be effective, and you don’t want to miss it!

I’d recommend asking several questions when seeking out a therapy provider:

  • Do they work often with a certain age group?
  • Do they have experience with a specific diagnosis? or type of therapy?
  • Do they have any specializations?
  • Do they have flexible times available that fit your schedule?
  • What is their personality and will it jive with you and your child?
  • What is their therapy style?
  • How do they determine goals, is it based on test results only or functional need?

These are all good questions to ask, great things to know, and the keys to a wonderful and effective working relationship with your therapy providers.

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